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I am very thankful that my kids don’t seem to be as sick as some of my friend’s kids. Maybe the snow and cold keeps the germs away. I dread wiping their poor little noses when they are sick though. I usually try to use a wet wash cloth or a paper towel so that it won’t make their noses all red and chapped. Or I’ll use a wipe but I don’t think they smell that great and neither do the kids. I was introduced to Boogie Wipes and I love them. I use them just about every day for someone’s nose!

Boogie Wipes was introduced by two moms who wanted to invent a saline nose wipe for their kids to prevent sore noses. In 2007 Julie Pickens and Mindee Donley sold their first Boogie Wipe which was quickly recognized as a great alternative to dry tissues. The two moms have never looked back and even invented another product for adults!
My daughter is teething horribly and has had a drippy nose every day for the last month. I’ve figured out that she’s getting three molars and another tooth so you can imagine the wipes and bibs I go through on a daily basis. I use the Boogie Wipes with her and it does not make her nose so unbearable since I have to wipe her face a lot during the day. When I use a washcloth or a towel she squirms and fusses so these must be a relief for her little red nose.

My son happened to get a cold at the same time my daughter is going through her teething episode. He sniffs and sniffs and it is so annoying! I am constantly on him to blow his nose and he does a really good job when I remind him. He does not mind using the Boogie Wipes and even asks for the grape smelling tissues. My husband thinks the grape smell is a little too sweet almost like candy. I don’t really mind but I did notice my daughter liked to use the fresh scent the best.

Boogie Wipes are available online and at retail stores, including Target and come in four scents to choose from: Menthol, Grape, Fresh or Unscented. One reader will receive a gift basket of Boogie Wipes products to try!
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  1. Debbie Ellis says:

    I think i would like to try the Boogies On The Run
    Gentle Saline Wipes, Grape Scent …Grand babies would love them over regular wipes.

  2. nicole l. says:

    I like the saline nose wipes

  3. My favorite is boogies on the run

  4. Jennifer Hokanson says:

    I like the grape scented ones!!

  5. The menthol scent sounds great!

  6. Kimberly Lontrato says:

    Boogie Wipes
    Boogies On The Run
    Gentle Saline Wipes, Fresh Scent

  7. Patricia Mohl says:

    We use the grape scented for the grandson

  8. Judy Pierce says:

    Gentle Saline Wipes, Fresh Scent

  9. Melissa Erwin says:

    Gentle Saline Wipes, Simply Unscented

  10. grape wipes

  11. Love the Saline Gentle Wipes

  12. I haven’t ever tried the grape scented, but I have used the fresh scented ones and I love them. They are so much more gentle on my daughters nose than tissues.

  13. amy marantino says:

    Gentle Saline Wipes, Grape Scent

  14. jennifer miescher says:

    I like the Original Boogie Wipes Fresh Scent

  15. I like the Boogie Wipes Menthol.

  16. Jen Kafer says:

    Grape scent sounds interesting.

  17. I would love to try the unscented Boogie Wipes!

  18. Shannon Orton says:

    Grape looks the best, but I would also like to try unscented because my baby gets rashes very easily.

  19. Jillian Tyre says:

    I’d get the menthol for those tough colds my boys get when they get stuffed up.

  20. Menthol Boogie Wipes is my favorite

  21. patricia magliochetti says:

    menthol sounds great

  22. Dorothy Pacheco says:

    Would love to have these for my kids.

  23. Devona Fryer says:

    Boogie Wipes
    Gentle Saline Wipes, Menthol Scent
    30 wipes $0.15/ea

  24. AlexisGrau says:

    We use the grape ones!

  25. Trung Nguyen says:

    I’d like to try the Boogie Wipes Gentle Saline Wipes, Menthol Scent

  26. Jessica Bleasdale says:

    the grape ones

  27. susan miller says:

    I would like to try the saline nose wipes!

  28. Pameula Henson says:

    I have never used this product. But I like that it is saline wipes.

  29. Amanda D says:

    My baby likes the grape “flavor”

  30. ericka coello says:

    I like the Menthol Scent ones

  31. Brittney says:

    I could use these…my child keeps his fingers in his nose…eeewhhh!

  32. I would like the simply unscented or the minty menthol

  33. I like the grape scent!

  34. J Buenrostro says:

    I would love to try any of the scents.

  35. Abbe Brown says:

    My daughter loves the grape scented one.

  36. Like the original scent!

  37. I prefer unscented!

  38. My daughter likes the grape

  39. I like the ones that smell like grape 🙂

  40. Cynthia K says:

    Either Grape or Menthol

  41. Angela Hartness says:

    My favorite is the Boogie Wipes Gentle Saline Wipes, Menthol Scent

  42. Theresa J says:

    I like the grape Boogie Wipes

  43. sarah rainwater says:

    Unscented boogie wipes are the best, in my opinion!

  44. Melani Names says:

    I like the Boogies On The Run.

  45. Tracey Andino says:

    Boogies on the run fresh scent

  46. Joana A says:

    grape scent boogie wipes

  47. Sharon says:

    Minty Menthol Boogie Wipes

  48. Lindsey West says:

    Great Grape Boogie Wipes 😉

  49. Amanda Hoffman says:

    great grape scent

  50. Brittany Burmester says:

    Boogies On The Run

  51. menthol and grape scented…what a cool concept

  52. I love the grape scent

  53. Crystal Draper says:

    We have never tried any of these but my kids would love the grape sented ones they like fruity sents

  54. tami husak says:

    i like the grape ones

  55. Jill Kecseg says:

    We like the grape scented wipes!

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