Say Goodbye To Internet Search Engines

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For bloggers, one of our most important tools we use is the internet. Without it, we would not exist! If you were to ask a group of bloggers what their biggest pet peeve is, they would probably say it is using search engines. We are always online looking for the latest tech gadget, fashion trend or product to make our lives easier. What we do not have a lot of is time to dig around for the information we need. I hate it when I am using a search engine for say a pair of shoes and I will somehow have an article pop up about telling me how to play a game of horse shoes! Well, I am here to tell you that you can forget about traditional internet search engines! There is a new kid in town by the name of buzzego and they are changing the way you receive the information you want and need.

Say Goodbye To Internet Search Engines

Say Goodbye To Internet Search Engines

I will admit I was a little skeptical about a website that claimed they could find me the information I needed almost immediately. I mean, that is a bloggers dream is to get the facts you need in one place in a direct and quick format. Buzzego has developed a program that lets you say goodbye to internet search engines! You can customize a news feed with the information you are most interested in. Signing up is easy as pie because all you do is click the Facebook, Twitter or Google+ icon and you are signed up immediately!


Next you get to meet some cute characters who are the mascots of the categories. With your Panda, you can choose from Cool Kid, Pop Culturist, Deep Thinker, or my choice; Trendy and Fashionable. You can add or delete Pandas from your profile whenever you want. Once you choose your Panda, you will see your feeds right away. For me, I had feeds for Trendy Nail Colors, Where To Buy The Best Shoes and What Hollywood Moms Are Wearing. I love how easy and user friendly the program is and how quickly I was able to narrow down what information interested me the most. This is such a clever program that is a huge time saver for me. If you want to stay current with your obsession, you need to sign up at Buzzego now!

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