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If you're big into social media and live your life through it, Staree is a brand new website and a great new concept that might be perfect for you.  From IZEA, the creators of SocialSpark.com and SponsoredTweets.com, they've created a website that allows you to earn money by sharing your photos and videos with people in your social network!  Users can apply to be part of the Staree program through your Twitter or Facebook account.  You simply use Staree as your photo and video app and then post your photos and videos either through Staree.com or through an iPhone or Android app.  Share your photos and videos on Facebook and Twitter, and start earning money!  The more traffic your uploads get, the more money you earn.  If you are a budding photographer and take excellent pics that get noticed, you may even be approached by the people at Staree with special offers to photograph products for advertisements!


Apply today for your account and start earning money.  Whether you own a blog, are a celebrity, or just have a ton of twitter followers that love what you have to say, you can start earning money on things that you've been doing every day for free!  Go back to your social media accounts and see how many people are clicking on your pictures and videos.  Then, do the math!  You could have extra moola in your pocket in no time!  Sign up now, while the program is still new.  You'll be the first to introduce it to all of your loyal followers, so you can encourage them to start making easy money right away too!

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