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Hallmark has launched a new greetings program that’s all about telling the ones closest to you what they need to hear, its called Hallmark Tell Them. With life as busy as it is all the time, I think that we tend to lose touch and connectivity to those that are closest to us and we need to vow to Tell Them! I tend to use electronic means of communication such as email, Facebook and IM. I know how happy I am when I get cards in the mail and I know it brings joy to others as well (especially those that don’t use computers and phones to stay in touch).

So this year I am vowing to tell my sister how much I love her and appreciate all that she does for me and my family. I know she knows it, but she needs to hear it and I vow to find a card and send it on a monthly basis to help me say it (we all know Hallmark has a way with words)!  The first card I will send her is for Valentine’s Day, Hallmark generously provided me with a Valentine’s Day Greetings Gift Pack.  The cards are not only beautiful but they say exactly what I need them to say (its almost like they read my mind with the cards they chose for me). I know she will love getting a Valentine’s Day card from me and it will probably make her cry.  The second card I will give will be to my husband because we all know that we don’t take the time to get each other cards anymore. With work and having 2 small children, our romance has suffered so I am going to give him this special singing Valentine’s card to let him know how much I love him. We will be apart on Valentine’s Day so I am going to sneak it in his bag before he leaves (and hope it doesn’t randomly start singing before Valentine’s Day).  The third card I will give will be to my good friend. We talk on a daily basis and see each other all the time…but I know she will love getting a Valentine card from me!  This will be Step 1 in connecting with my sister, husband and good friend on a different more personal level and I have Hallmark’s Tell Them greetings program to thank!

Reconnect With Old Friends

Will you vow to Tell Them?  It’s time to reconnect with old friends, spouses and family.  Check out the Tell Them Facebook page and to take the vow!  I took the vow!  I also shared my “vow to tell” story on the Tell Them Facebook page.  There are so many wonderful stories that have been shared, it was very touching!  I have made my “vow to tell them” a reality by giving my cards to those that I love.  Is there anyone in your life that you would like to reconnect with or that needs love and support?  I challenge you to Tell Them!!!

Check out the Tell Them Commercial, it explains the Tell Them Campaign in more detail and is so inspiring!

Hallmark Tell Them Commercial

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  1. I’m good about sending cards for holidays, but I need to be better about birthdays and “just because” cards so people know how much I appreciate them individually.

  2. Julie Lynn Bickham says:

    I Shared my “vow to tell” story on facebook. I vowed to tell my mother I love her more and thank her for all the things she has done for me!

  3. Pam Hansen says:

    I vow to tell Debbie how much she means to me and how much i miss her. She was there when I lost my daughter and when my son almost died. She has been my rock througout everything and I dont tell her enough how much she means to me

  4. Miranda Espeut says:

    I vowed to tell my little sisters i love them

  5. cool prize – thanks

  6. I love Hallmark.

  7. I vow to tell my boyfriend how appreciative I am of him.

  8. “V-Day” treats are good to share

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