Summer Family Fun with Redbox and Phase 4 Films Review

Summer Family Fun

Summer Family Fun

Redbox and Phase 4 Films have a wonderful campaign running from now until the end of August 2012 called Summer Family Fun!  I was lucky enough to be chose to review their Rainy Day SOS Kit which included:

  • Eight Family Friendly Phase 4 films on DVD (4 DVD Releases/4 Early Screeners);
  • Theater-Style Snacks (Popcorn and Mini-M&M’s);
  • A DIY tip sheet with rainy day activities complete with instructions;
  • A fleece blanket; and
  • A deck of cards.

Wouldn’t you know the day I received the package it was raining cats and dogs!  I thought, how fitting is this?  It was a great distraction from the days dreary outlook…we broke open the package and my 4.5 year old daughter could barely contain herself.  She was in seek and destroy mode when she saw those M&M’s and popcorn which are 2 of her favorite treats!  She emptied the bucket of goodies saying “oh wow there is a super soft blanket, cards…we can play war…look at all these movies, we are going to have so much fun with all this stuff Mommy”!!!  We popped in a movie (Kiara) and settled down on the floor for a good old fashioned game of war and once she beat me twice…I made her the popcorn (winner gets popcorn)!!  We enjoyed Kiara which was a wonderful movie about a magical kingdom that is faced with a big change forcing Kiara to be brave in order to restore peace, serenity and bring her father the King back home to the throne.  It’s rated PG and runs 80 minutes.  Later on in the evening before bed we watched Space Dogs which is a great movie based on a true story of 2 dogs (Belka and Strelka) that were sent to space in 1960.  An odd couple for sure with one being a circus dog and the other a spunky stray.  They went on a literal out of this world adventure in space and became the world’s first canine cosmonauts.  My daughter said “those dogs were really in space, can we send our dogs to space” out of the mouth of babes!  Space Dogs is rated G and runs 88 minutes.  I enjoyed the Phase 4 movies and thought it was pretty cool to get a few advanced screeners, I Heart Shakey being my favorite.
Family Fun Sweepstakes

Family Fun Sweepstakes

You need to check out Redbox and Phase 4 Films Family Fun Sweepstakes from now through August 2012!  Not only will you be able to rent these awesome Phase 4 Film DVDs: I Heart Shakey, Rockstars, Space Dogs, Smitty, Kiara, My Friend Bernard, Freddy Frogface and Donkey X.

You can also be entered into the sweepstakes to win some amazing prizes including:

  • Round-trip tickets for 4 to Toronto for the chance to secure a walk-on role on Nick Jr’s Dino Dan Show;
  • A four day West Coast Princess Cruise for four with round trip airfare; and
  • A seven day vacation for four to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

If you select one of the Family Fun movies at Redbox and enter your email address at checkout you will be automatically entered into the sweepstakes.  You can also enter without renting a DVD at www.redboxsummerfamilyfun.com.

Check Redbox and Phase 4 Films out on Facebook for more information and new releases!

Summer Family Fun

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