Summer Swimwear For Women Yokini Swimwear Review

Summer Swimwear For Women

Summer Swimwear For Women

Are you on the hunt for Summer swimwear for women?  I am always in search of swimwear, living in South Florida its swimsuit weather year round.  I know what you are thinking…lucky me, right?  While although I am lucky to be where it is warm, our stores carry the same seasons as everyone else.  So swimsuits are not always readily available.  So I set out looking for a swimsuit online, which for me was a little scary because I always try on my swimsuits.  Since having 2 children, I have found it more difficult to find a swimsuit that fits nice and more importantly covers up my extra baby weight I’m carrying around.  I was so happy to have the opportunity to review a swimsuit by Yokini Swimwear.

5 In 1 Swimwear Bottoms

Yokini offers 5 in 1 swimwear bottoms, this is something I have never seen before.  You choose your style of top from: Sport, Bandeau, Halter, Underwire and Tankini.  The bottoms are one style but can we worn in 5 different ways:

Sexy: Right below the belly button not too much or too little
Slinky: In the mood for a tan
Sporty: Anyone up for Volleyball?
Shy: Conservative yet stylish
Sundown: From the beach to Happy Hour

My favorite feature is that you can change how your bottoms look at a moments notice depending on what’s going on around you.  If your laying out you can get slinky, if your going in the water you can get shy or if you need to run into a store you can get sundown!  You don’t need a bulky towel or another form of cover up you are literally wearing everything you need.  This is the first swimsuit I have ever seen that has these options and I think its awesome.  It’s going to make my life so much easier, having little children to chase around the beach or pool deck I don’t always have time to stop and get something to cover up with but no worries, now I can pull down my bottoms into a skirt and be fully covered!

The Yokini Swimwear comes in: Red, Navy, Black, Blue Lagoon, Brown, Pink, Lilac and Grass.  I chose the Tankini style top because I am not comfortable showing off my post baby stomach and mine is black (because we all know black makes you look thin, right?)  I took my measurements and ordered the size according to the size chart.  It fit perfect and Yokini offers free shipping returns (must follow return policy) just in case yours doesn’t fit properly!  The other nice thing is that you can mix and match the colors so you don’t necessarily have to have one solid color!  You can purchase a Yokini Swimsuit like mine for $120.  Check them out on Facebook for their latest fashions!
Yokini Swimwear is a sponsor of the Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Event May 1-18, 2012.  Make sure you Like them on Facebook, Twitter and check out their website:   http://www.yokiniswimwear.com  to win a Yokini Swimsuit as part of the final package!

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