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All of the men in my family are construction workers. My dad is a superintendent with a company who builds large bridges, my brothers work for the same company. My uncles work in various postitions at other companies. While their job involves working with equipment that weighs thousands of pounds it also means a lot of break backing work with hammers, jackhammers and saws. It’s important for them to stay physically fit because their work demands a lot from their body. When I heard of SWAT Fuel my first thought was that they could really use this! Swat Fuel offers a variety of supplements to get ripped.

SWAT Fuel founder, Dan Olesnicky, M.D., is a S.W.A.T. team physician and police officer in Palm Springs, California. He has been training S.W.A.T. and Spec Ops  for over a decade and he is also practicing full time internal medicine and emergency physician.

SWAT Fuel was born when, as an expert in wellness medicine for law enforcement, Dan realized there had to be a better way to fuel the body. Swat Fuel offers three Solid Fuel Options:
  • 40 Caliber is a High speed Multivitamin
  • 9mm is used to increase your strength and stamina on your workouts.
  • 9mm +P is a Thermogenic Fat Burn Formula with Extra Orange Peel Extract to give you a performance kick plus appetite control.
Soon they will also be offering SWAT Fuel in a liquid form for hydration. In addition to an energy fuel, one of the best ways to maintain energy is by working out and getting fit. The Warrior Workout is designed to increase strength and endurance. It’s composed of 4 different workouts that gets your body into total shape.

What sets SWAT Fuel apart from everyone else are the charities they work with. In addition to the Military they work with Police, Fire, EMS, and youth groups. They also dedicate a portion of their charity to research fields from weightloss to genetics.

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