The Convenience of New Tide Pods

Tide PodsThere are so many things to keep up with between work, the kids, and house cleaning. There are days when adding anything else to my “to do” list can be just a bit too much. On the flip side, I love when any of my chores can be made easier. One of those daily chores that I never seem to be able to catch up on is laundry. Yep – the laundry job goes to the man cause my wife hates it – HA! Just kidding we totally share.

I do laundry every day, and yet there is always more. It is a bottomless pit. Having a child who can eat anything and have it end up all over her does not help! That is one of the reasons why I was so excited to try out the new Tide Pods Detergent. Tide created these pods to conveniently include detergent, stain remover and brightener. There is no mess, no pouring, and no measuring.

Tide Pods

I think the Tide Pods are very easy to use. I enjoyed being able to toss one in with the load without having to go through any additional steps. The fact that it did not make any drip messes from pouring is a bonus! They made my laundry smell fantastic. Tide comes in three scents: Spring Meadow, Ocean Mist, and Mystic Forest. I love the variety of scents it comes in because I like to change the scent of my laundry often. The stain removal portion of it worked great! It even got out grass stains without having to pre-treat it!  With my messy child, being able to take out that pre-treatment step is a huge bonus.

The Tide Pod Detergent packs come in several different sizes, 40, 57, and 77 and are sold at most major retailers. To keep up on the last news from Tide you can follow them on Twitter and “like” them on Facebook. This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.


  1. love them

  2. Maria Urena says:

    Tried them their awesome!!!

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