The Moto X Phone Touchless Control Works For Me #SprintMom #MC

The Moto X Touchless Control Works For Me #SprintMom #MC

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Sprint. I received product samples to facilitate my review. I am in love with technology and how virtually everything about it makes my life easier! Sometimes I am like a kid in a candy store who just cannot get enough of the sweets! I mean, just think about how cool it is that we can make a phone call to anyone living anywhere in the world. How cool is that? You can do so much with smart phones these days and the technology keeps getting better. I just received the Moto X from Sprint and it has so many cool features that I have been like that kid in a candy store! It is one of the most user friendly phones I have used and it has some of the most unique features of any phone I have experienced. With its Android driven operating system, Sprint’s super fast 4G LTE, and X8 Mobile computing system, I never worry about waiting for pictures to load, surfing the web or downloading my favorite apps.

The Moto X Touchless Control

The Moto X Phone Touchless Control

I have been a Sprint customer for almost 15 years now and I absolutely love this company! I have never had a single negative customer service experience and have had the same salesperson for almost 5 years now. My plan is competitively priced, includes everything my family and I need and gives me the products I need. My most recent acquisition was the Moto X and I just love this phone! You can find great deals at Sprint Online and right now, you pay nothing for your Moto X with a 2 year contract! One of my favorite features of the many it provides is the Moto X phone Touchless Control. This is the most talked about feature on the Moto X and I can tell you it is because it is awesome! You can access Google Now by speaking your commands. If you need to find directions, find out the weather for the weekend or search for a new place to eat, you just tell the Moto X. One of my favorite things to do is find songs from my playlist because I always have a hard time searching through the hundred of songs  have. Now I can just tell the Moto X to play Smashing Pumpkins, Jane’s Addiction or the Indigo Girls and I am jamming! Another touchless feature on the Moto X is called Active Display which gives you notifications without waking up your phone, therefore saving you energy consumption on the phone. I really appreciate that because I can suck up the power on a phone pretty quickly!

Meep #MC #SprintMom

If you are a photo bug like I am, you are going to love the camera on the Moto X. This baby can take some awesoe shots and with a 4 X zoom feature, you can take photos many other smartphone cameras cannot. The pictures are crystal clear and you have several settings you can adjust to your liking. I love the picture I took of Meep because she looks like one of the Laser Cats from the SNL skits with Andy Samberg! I love how easy it is to take a picture with the Moto X. All you need to do is shake your wrist slightly and the camera will stop what you are doing and open up the camera app. You can touch anywhere on the screen to shoot the picture and if you want to take several shots in a row, just keep holding your finger on the screen. How do you like the picture of the leaf I took nest to our pumpkin? Is that a caterpillar or mold beginning to show? You tell me!

Leaf #MC #SprintMom

I was also sent the incredibly helpful Fitbit Flex that works beautifully with my Moto X phone. Since my shoulder surgery, I have been stuck inside the house a lot! I cannot drive, so I have been letting my husband do all of the errands, driving Caitlin to school and doing the grocery shopping and cooking. Mutually, it has been kind of nice not being able to do anything but at the same time it is driving me crazy! Just when my weight loss was beginning to work, I was not able to exercise. When I received my Fitbit Flex, I was afraid to use it because I was sure I was going to be embarrassed with the low number of steps I was taking every day. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw I was getting in more than 5,000 steps a day, just from doing light housework and working outside in the yard. The Fitbit Flex fits around your wrist and can be synced to your smartphone via your Fitbit account. The Fitbit program allows you to track your steps, distance, and calories you burn each day. Who knew vacuuming could burn so many calories! Another great feature of the Fitbit is tracking your sleep cycles so you can learn to sleep better. I have horrible insomnia and this has helped me see my patterns of sleep and how I can get more rest at night. The great thing is you can purchase your Fitbit from Sprint for just $99.99, and when you do, you get unlimited data, so you can get all the information from your Fitbit Flex you need. Be sure to follow Sprint on Facebook and Twitter to get all their latest deals and news.

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