Thomas And Friends 3 Movie DVD Set Review

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Thomas And Friends

Do you have kids who love trains?  I thought by having little girls, I wouldn’t have to worry about trains but I was wrong.  My daughter from a very young age was attracted to trains and loved everything about them.  It was probably because most of her friends were boys and we all know boys go crazy over trains.    I embraced it and bought her a train set and train table.  She spent hours and hours playing with those trains making them go “choo choo”, once her younger sister arrived she seemed disinterested.  I put them away to make room for new toys and months went by, one day she spotted the trains in the closet and asked to set them up.  Her sister was big enough to play along and there they were both of my girly girls playing with trains, it made me smile.  With all the train love happening in our house it was no surprise that they one loved Thomas and two loved the Thomas and Friends shows.  When I was given the opportunity to review the Thomas and Friends Movie Pack 3-DVD Set I was overjoyed!

Thomas and Friends DVD

When the package arrived, I had two little girls looking at me with a twinkle in their eye at the sight of the Thomas and Friends DVD, the problem was…which one would we watch first?  We started with Calling All Engines,  on the bustling Island of Sodor during summertime, the Diesels and Steam engines are butting heads causing the work to come to a halt.  All the engines must come together in order to get all the work done and save the day!  Next was, Hero of the Rails and in this DVD Thomas comes across an abandoned engine named Hiro.  He and his friends set out to rescue Hiro from the scrap yard but several obstacles arise.  Everyone’s hard work paid off!  Last was, The Great Discovery in preparation for Sodor Day all the engines are preparing.  In Thomas’ preparation he gets lost but happens upon the old town of Great Waterton, everyone was very excited for his discovery and work together to restore the town for Sodor Day!
My kids loved all 3 DVDs and wanted to watch them 24/7!  I love the message behind the Thomas movies, they show the difference between right and wrong, that no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes but in the end working together gets the job done.  They both enjoy music so the bonus features were a huge hit!  You can purchase this DVD 3-pack for $19.98.  HIT Entertainment and Lionsgate also carry: Pingu, Bob The Builder and Barney.  Check them out on Facebook!
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