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Thomas And Friends

Thomas And Friends

Both of my girls love trains and have always been big Thomas fans.  When I was given the opportunity to review the Thomas And Friends Engine Friends Classic Collection 2 Disc DVD Set I was so excited.  Although we have watched several of the Thomas episodes both on TV and from the DVDs we own we haven’t seen them all and its wonderful that the classic episodes are all in one collection.  Talk about a Thomas lovers dream come true and I must admit this Mommy is pretty happy because I can get the break from the kids while they sit glued watching Thomas and Friends every move.  My oldest is 4.5 and her favorite train is of course Thomas and her little sister is 20 months she just repeats “train, train, train” so I guess they are all her favorite!

DVD Synopsis
All aboard for some of the most memorable stories of friendship from the Island of Sodor!  Join Thomas and his friends and learn how the Steam Team first came together; how Percy became Thomas’ best friend, and how every engine tries to be Really Useful!  The greatest destinations are often those closet to home…as long as you have your Engine Friends.

Thomas was created by a father for his son over 65 years ago and since then has become a favorite of families in over 185 territories and in 30 languages.  It has been the number one entertainment brand for preschool in the US for 11 straight years.  Children all over the world love Thomas And Friends and having the classic collection DVD set has been really great because we had never seen most of the episodes.  The 20 greatest friendship story episodes are as follows:  Thomas and Bertie’s Great Race, Trouble in the Shed, Saved from Scrap, A New Friend for Thomas, Granpuff, Sleeping Beauty, Make Someone Happy, A Bad Day for Harold, Twin Trouble, Edward the Really Useful Engine, Rusty Saves the Day, Emily’s new Coaches, Thomas and the Rainbow, Thomas and the New Engine, Thomas and the Statue, Follow that Flour, Toby’s Afternoon Off, Hide and Peep and Emily in the Garbage.  You can purchase the Thomas And Friends Engine Friends Classic Collection 2 Disc DVD Set for $16.98.

DVD Bonus Features

My children loved the DVD bonus features especially Gordon’s Memory Game and Which Island Picture is Different.  They always look forward to the bonus features as another way to interact with Thomas and Friends on a different level.  It’s fun for me to watch all that they have learned from watching the episodes.  Thomas and Friends is a great example to my children on how to behave, treat others and deal with difficult situations the right way.  This DVD is great for ages 2-5 years old and runs 149 minutes.  Check them out on Facebook for the latest and greatest from Thomas and Friends!

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