Top 3 Reasons To Buy A 4K TV

3812163_I2The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. It can be hard to wrap your head around the fact that, even though you may have purchased a new TV in the fairly recent past, it might be time to buy another one already. Sometimes the changes are so small that the average TV viewer may not even notice some of them, but the advent of 4K TVs has brought so many new features along, it definitely makes one stop to think that it might be worth it, just one more time. Why just one more time? What makes this time different than the last few times? Well, the new Samsung SUHD 4K TV, on glorious display at your local Best Buy, features the easy, comparatively inexpensive,  option of upgrading by purchasing a One Connect Box. They call it ‘Future Proof’ and this simple purchase can eliminate the urge to run out and buy a new TV before yours has a chance to get dusty.


Check out the top 3 reasons to buy a 4K TV:

  1. They provide a feast for the eyes: The Brightness and color and depth are stunning! The Samsung SUHD TV has Peak Illuminator Pro to enhance picture detail and color.
  2. The images stay clear on larger screens: In the past, the bigger the screen, the more likely it was to show flaws, becoming grainy or pixillated at times. 4K TVs can produce the same crisp visuals on the huge screens as on the smaller ones. Samsung’s SUHD TV boasts the Octa Core Processor, so you can access your media without so many of the usual delays.
  3. They aren’t as pricey as one might imagine: For technology that is only really in it’s second year, the prices are actually more affordable than one might guess. It helps a great deal that they are ‘smart’ and upgrade-able instead of replaceable.

You may want to do what I did and go in to your local Best Buy to see the awesome Samsung SUHD TV for yourself.  I took my boys with me and they were mesmerized by the crisp images and the incredible colors. If you go between May 31st and June 13th, you can catch a sneak preview of Jurassic World, too.

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