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Eating dessert in our family is a requirement. It can be a simple piece of fruit or homemade cake and cookies. We really aren’t picky as long as we have something! This really comes from my husband’s southern roots. The first time I went down south to visit his family I found it odd that the meal HAD to end with some sort of sweet. It really wasn’t an option not to eat dessert! My husband always says that he works out in the gym so he can indulge in what he wants to eat. For the most part we like to eat healthy but do not follow a strict diet in our house.

Rum Cake

We usually make a rum cake for the holidays, even though I’m not a fan of rum. (That’s how good rum cake is!) I was stoked to try Tortuga rum cakes since I know how good they are. I was not disappointed. We were sent Coconut and the Original Golden Rum cake with walnuts to sample and they were gone in a short amount of time!
I love coconut so I dived right in. I thought the coconut balanced the rum nicely and it didn’t overpower the cake. My husband on the other hand is not a fan of coconut anything. Even though he didn’t try this flavor he said he could smell the coconut and rum and it mingled into a nice sweet smell.

The Original tasted the best in my opinion. We ate this flavor with vanilla ice cream and it paired nicely. You could really taste the rum and again it wasn’t so overpowering that you could not taste the cake. My son ate the cake and loved it. I did not give him a lot since it was rum cake of course but a few bites did not hurt him.

You can purchase a variety of flavors at TortugaRumcakes.com. They are also giving one lucky reader a 33 oz rum cake!

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  1. Jillian Tyre says:

    Glad to see it comes in coconut rum flavor…that’s the ONLY flavor of alcohol I will attempt!

  2. amy marantino says:

    Original Golden Rum cake with walnuts

  3. Sue Ellison says:

    My favorite product is Chocolate Rum Turtles with Sea Salt.

  4. jodi lasher says:

    Everything looks awesome.. But i really want to try the rum cakes..

  5. JR Pickett aka Vicki Vix says:

    My favourite product is the Florida Key Lime Rum Cake…that and the Rum Fudge.

  6. JoAnn Brightman says:

    My favorite products is the rum cakes

  7. Christopher Sorel says:

    Original Golden Rum cake with walnuts is tasty not so keen on coconut one

  8. chocolate rum cake

  9. heather eg kaufman says:

    My fav is pineapple rum cake.

  10. The chocolate would be my favorite.

  11. Kim Allmon says:

    I’d like the Florida Coconut Rum Cake (love coconut!) or the Florida Key Lime Rum Cake. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. The coconut cake sounds fantastic! That would probably be my favorite.

  13. Nancy B from Many LA says:

    My favorite product is the Rum Fudge

  14. michael mayhew says:

    I love rum.I think I would like the Banana 16oz Rum Cake

  15. sandie parsons says:

    I would like to try the coconut rum cake

  16. Leesa Johnson says:

    I brought back their coconut rum cake when we went to the Bahamas and loved it! The next one I want to try is the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee flavor. That sounds pretty interesting.♥

  17. susan hartman says:

    I love all of them but Original RUM YUM!

  18. Lori Klemp says:

    entenmenn’s cheese danish

  19. Trung Nguyen says:

    I’d to try the Chocolate 16oz Rum Cake

  20. Rachel Robertson (Azrael) says:

    I would love to try Tortuga Rum Flavored Coffee!

  21. sandy weinstein says:

    cinnamon raisin rum cake, but i really like the rum liqueur coffee

  22. Linda Kwolek says:

    Coconuts, rum and chocolate Fudge

  23. Blessed Assurance says:

    I like the pineapple large rum cake

  24. Michelle Tucker says:

    The Florida Key Lime Rum Cake sounds yummy!

  25. Banana Rum cake is really good !

  26. Banana Large 33oz Rum Cake

  27. Jennifer says:

    I’ve only had the original, but it is amazing!!

  28. michele malone says:

    we love the original! my mil brought us back one from a cruise a few years ago and it was delish!

  29. Steph Litzau says:

    Tortuga Chocolate Hazelnut Rum Truffles

  30. Betty Antibus says:

    yummy-I love coconut and rum

  31. Allison Lancaster says:

    Key Lime Rum Cake 16oz

  32. J Buenrostro says:

    Tortuga Rum Cake is the best by far!!!!

  33. Jennifer Hiles says:

    The Tortuga Rum Fudge looks awesome!

  34. Jennifer Hiles says:

    My e-mail subscriptions are under jjoliet@hotmail.com

  35. Muriel Grubb says:

    I love the chocolate!

  36. I”d love to try the Banana Rum Cake…sounds delicious!

  37. Tortuga Chocolate Rum Turtles with Sea Sal

  38. Peggy c. says:

    Haven’t tried it yet, but would like to.

  39. Diane Melendez says:

    The original Rum Cake is my favorite!

  40. Favorite would be the chocolate Tortuga Rum Cake

  41. I am not sure what my favorite is as I have never tried it. Actually never heard of it till today. I would love to try it.

  42. Emilie Pecka says:

    Tortuga Rum Coffee 8oz bag.

  43. Debbie Kennedy says:

    My favourite is Tortuga Rum Cream Gourmet Coffee

  44. the coconut rum

  45. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    thanks for the giveaway

  46. Melanie Morin says:

    My favorite is Coconut Rum Fudge

  47. katie shelton says:

    The coconut rum cake!

  48. Ise Dunkley (Questions Mark) says:


  49. Becky Davis says:

    The chocolate rum cake
    bdavisnc at gmail dot com

  50. laurie251 says:

    I love their rum cake, first tried on when visiting Grand Cayman on a cruise

  51. kathy d says:

    I love the rum cakes

  52. Tarri Christopher says:

    My favorite Tortuga is the Florida rum cakes. Yum!

  53. Deidra Bigham says:

    My favorite would be the ‘Original’ Tortuga Rum Cake. It is my favorite because we bought some on our honeymoon 22+ years ago when we took a cruz to the Carribean. Great cake!

  54. David Hodge says:

    I think the Tortuga Chocolate Cinnarum Coffee sounds great!

  55. nicole lewk says:

    Tortuga rum cakes are my favorite!

  56. Traci Butler says:

    I had these several years ago on a cruise and they are fantastic! They are all great but if I had to pick a favorite it would be coconut – YUM!!!

  57. The banana rum cake!

  58. Would love to try these, maybe i could serve it at my sis’s bridal shower…instead of making it!

  59. Christina Demler says:

    I have not had a chance to try Tortuga yet but I love rum cake and this will give me a chance to try theirs.

  60. Felina Maris says:

    banana Rum Cake

  61. Cinnamon Raisin

  62. I’d like to try the Original with Walnuts

  63. Florida Key lime rum cake

  64. Kathy Ross says:

    I haven’t tried any yet but the Florida Key Lime Rum Cake sounds good.

  65. Pineapple is my favorite.

  66. autumn kelly says:

    I can’t drink, but I would get the Florida Six Pack for someone else.

  67. I think I would love the Banana Large 33oz Rum Cake.

  68. I have submited my choice. Banana Large 33oz Rum Cake

  69. the banana rum cake looks good

  70. karla bates says:

    awesome site!

  71. carolyn sisco says:

    Coconut rum fudge

  72. LUCINDA HABEL says:

    The banana rum cake is my absolute fav Tortuga!

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