Tsukihoshi Shoes Review

shoesMy kids outgrow shoes so quickly that I’m buying a new pair every month. It seems like yesterday they were tiny newborns wearing booties and today they need running shoes and sandals! I love picking out their cute shoes and matching them with outfits, this won’t last too much longer so I take advantage of it while I can!

Tsukihoshi shoes were established in Japan in 1873 and are specifically designed for children’s feet. Tsukihoshi boasts four features: Balanced landing, which stabilizes the heel area so children don’t step on the arch side while walking. Arch support, which supports a child’s arch which is not yet fully formed. Light and Flexible, which helps the child’s foot bend and kick forward and last Barefoot- like Comfort, which provides space in the toe area to help splay on contact with the ground.

I received a pair for both my son and daughter and they could not be happier. I picked out the style Fuji for my son and he chose Slate/Red for the color. I think it’s so interesting to see what he chooses. He is a size 10-10.5 so I got an 11 just in case they ran small and I would say they run just a smidge smaller so definitely size up if you are concerned. I usually do that for most shoes that I buy for the kids because I figure they can grow into them. As soon as he got the box he was ecstatic. He loves these shoes and said they remind him of Spiderman and of course we put on his Spiderman costume and these shoes made him jump and spin everywhere (according to him)!

My daughter received the Maru in Rose/Lime and they are so adorable! This is one of my favorite color combinations for a little girl. She is learning to walk so it was very important for me to find shoes that would move with her. She’s a late walker so I want to give her every chance I can for her to get up and move. Have you ever really watched a baby learning to walk? It’s so amusing and special at the same time. Having shoes on gives the process a different spin as she tries to figure out how to pick up her foot. I think these are her favorite pair since she brings them to me every time we leave to go somewhere.

I highly recommend Tsukihoshi shoes for any child. They are made of a durable material and look great. I don’t think there was a style or color I didn’t like on their website. They were all in fantastic colors that kids would love and would go with any wardrobe, especially a little girl’s. The shoes are also machine washable and I absolutely love that feature. My son is a puddle hopper so you can imagine the muck and grime his shoes collect!

You can find TSUKIHOSHI shoes at select retail stores throughout the country. They have a store locator on their website www.tsukihoshi.com or you can also order their shoes online through select retailers.

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