Using The POWOW Messenger For Andriod

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If you (or your teenager) is text-happy, there's a new app that might be just right for you.  POWOW Messenger for Android has changed the way I text for good.  With your standard text messaging, group conversations can be a pain.  You can't see texts between all members in one conversation, and it can just get downright confusing.  POWOW saw the need for that to be simplified, so their group texting allows you to create a group text that includes anyone on any mobile device.  All group members can then see all member replies in just one conversation thread, and everyone can utilize full group functionality.  Group messaging the way it's supposed to be!

POWOW also has several other great features that the stock messaging app just doesn't offer.  ZipIt allows you to manage messages on an individual contact level by either muting messages from a contact (but you still receive them), or by blacklisting a contact altogether so their messages won't even be delivered to your handset.  You can even set favorite contacts in POWOW Messenger for Android so when you want to find a conversation with one of your favorites, you don't have to scroll through a whole list of conversations just to find the one you're looking for.  You can also utilize Google's voice input technology to speak your texts instead of type them, or you can delete conversations or single texts quickly and easily.  Also, with POWOW's pop-up feature, you can set your text messages to pop up in front of whichever app you're using so you don't have to quit what you're doing to read and respond to your texts.  The message pops up and then you can choose to respond, delete, ignore, or call the person!  It's a feature that will for sure become one of your favorites.


Since POWOW is available for free, go to Google Play and download to try it out for yourself!  You'll find in no time that it's highly superior to your stock messaging!

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