#5 Feeling Lucky

Seriously…aren’t people supposed to post about their day at the end of it instead of the beginning? I am just so happy when I wake up I want to shout it to the world.  I am 158.8! What?!? I was 165 5 days ago….I am weighing naked, first thing in the am, after I pee and breastfeed.  Holy cow!  Was I truly eating that much garbage before?

I had tortilla chips and a handful of pretzels as snack (not really diet food)

Salad with grapes, strawberries, and relish as dressing for lunch.

1/2 Shakeology shake with blueberries

Rice and eggs with amino acids for dinner. (that sounds so gross..but think fried rice)

water, coffee, diet pepsi

Sensa on food (except chips and pretzels-Those I grab when I walk by..maybe I should move the bag…NEXT DOOR)

2 Thermogenic postnatal pills.  These sucker must REALLY burn off some serious fat:)

Oh!  I also shaka shaka shakad all over the house for 1/2 hour with kids (shook rattles and marched till I was sweating while shaking my hips)(Funny sight!)

I am waiting for my weight to all bounce back on because I do not feel like I am on a diet!

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