Day 1 Of The (UGH) Diet

Okay, So I am officially starting tomorrow I decided after eating the last box of Girl Scout cookies.  I won’t even start with my diet supplements, Shakeology and Sensa until tomorrow.  Well, I tried a little Sensa to make sure it didn’t make me sick because I have a full day tomorrow and need to get stuff done.  Every day I am going to keep myself accountable to the bloggy world on this blog instead of Makobi Scribe so I don’t bore the world with my details.  Not like Makobi Scribe is the world or anything, but you know what I mean.  April from My Fitness World is helping me on my journey and actually sent me the Shakeology to try out.  I will review that in a later post, but I anticipate great things! This morning I was 165 pounds! Holy moly.  I was 175 when I had Billy (first kid)!! Time to shed the weight.  My husband will see the results the best because he is home every three weeks!  Imagine his surprise.  Normally, I will tell you what I eat and what I weigh when I wake up.  Also, any reactions I have to the supplements.

Sensa- Tastants you sprinkle on your food.  I kinda have an upset stomach but don’t know if that is from the cookies or the tastants.

See you tomorrow!

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