Day 2 Girl Scout Cookies Help Lose Weight!!

So I know it is only 7:36 am so this is hardly called a day; however, I was so excited, I had to share the success of eating a whole box of Girl Scout cookies and my weight loss of 3 THREE 3 pounds! I weighed 162!  I checked 5 times! And after I wrote that post I ate 4 chocolate covered cake balls!  I have magic sleep that melts weight! Awesome right! Did I mention that Mason breastfed for like an hour this morning? LOL. Does my milk really weigh 3 pounds? Good thing I am weaning…or not because I am sure that is burning a ton of calories.  Anyways–on the diet today for real.

Breakfast:  coffee with fat free creamer and 1/4 cup blueberries with Sensa sweet tastants (which is safe for breastfeeding moms if you wondered) It is the smell that triggers the olfactory senses.  The ingredients are made from corn, milk and soy.

more later…wish me luck today (My goal is NO chocolate)

Snack update:  LOL CRAVING chocolate of course!  I remembered my Shakeology I got to have today was just my favorite flavor!  I made a half a serving so I could have it twice!  I put in a few blueberries I didn’t eat from breakfast, ice, and 1/2 cup of water. Super yummy and creamy like a shake.  You can read my full review on Makobi Scribe. I am very happy I got to taste chocolate and my craving for it is satisfied and because I am super smart, I gt to have it again tonight when I really want it!

Lunch update: I had pork bellies from my neighbor, but only ate 1/4.  He left my husband’s smoker in the rain, and it rusted.  So, I guess when I went over to his house freaking out at 8 am, he felt bad.  Now our smoker is back on my back porch, freshly sanded and painted delivered (I am assuming from my snide comment, “And ya didn’t even bring me the pork like ya said”) with a serving of smoked pork bellies.  Sensa on that.  Think I am nauseous, but it might be in my head?  They say Sensa might make you nauseous, and I get what they say usually even if I don’t have it.  (When I was little I read a pamphlet on prostate cancer at the Health Department and went crying to my mom I had prostate cancer!)

Seriously, pork belly delivery?!? and then I got a package for a review with a bonus box of Mike and Ike’s with some kids sock! Universe-REALLY? I am trying to lose weight! not my mind 🙂


  1. {Sigh} I haven’t weighed 160 lbs. since I was in the 10th grade.
    Going now to the freezer, as I know that there are some Thin Mints that I hid there last year!

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