Day #3 Is My scale broken?

Day #3 I weigh 160.2!  That is a 3 day 5 pound loss, rounding down of course.  I tried the sweet Sensa last night.  It smells like Sweet-n-low.  You are supposed to put the sweet side on sweet stuff and salty side on stuff you would salt.  There is no taste, but it works with your olfactory senses, hence the name Sensa, I assume.  I had a half of a Shakeology serving in my morning shake with instant coffee!!  I also got a bottle of post-natal nursing-help-you-lose-weight vitamins.  So, I added them to my regimen.  Thermogenic postnatal fat burners.  I am sure I will not lose any weight this week coming.  It just would not be fair! (For all the other dieters) I know I will level off.  It is amazing how quickly I lose weight when I quit stuffing my face with ice-cream.  I have an ice-cream maker, so I made lime sherbet with strawberries as an alternative! Yum!! I need to make lunch, but I have so much real work to do.  Ugh! That is right…why I am I blogging?  Get to transcribing!  (Blogging is more fun!)


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