End Of Nutrisystem Week One

Well, this has been a rough week. I started day 1 of my Nutrisystem program in tears. I was overwhelmed, discouraged, and was beating myself up. I was confused about how to choose the right snacks and grocery store add-ons and the first day my stomach growled all day. I sat down to “dinner” on day one and cried. I had a plate with a small portion of meat, vegetables that I didn’t like, and a salad with gross fat free dressing. I was ready to give up. I fell asleep starving.

Day 2 was going pretty badly until I made a realization. I knew I was expecting too much from myself too quickly. I decided that I should worry less about being a perfect example for Nutrisystem and worry more about easing myself into this new lifestyle so that I didn’t just get frustrated and give up.  Day 2 when I was starving and didn’t have a snack due to me per the official program guidelines, I decided that I would allow myself a small, healthy snack. I had some yogurt and I was no longer hungry. Normally, I would have had some chips or cookies, so yogurt was a much healthier option.

I also made a few other tweaks to my program this week. I don’t typically get hungry mid-morning, so I’ve been eating an early lunch and saving my morning snack to add to lunch or to afternoon snack, which works much better for me. Also, I couldn’t stand the protein shakes when I made them per the instructions on the box.  They were too watery for me.  I have terrible acid reflux, so milk is a necessity every night before I go to bed. I decided that since I was going to have to drink some milk every night anyways, I’d modify the shake. I now drink my shake in the evening and instead of just mixing with water and ice, I now mix the protein shake powder with part water, part skim milk, and 2 ice cubes. This makes the shake tastier for me, and I get the milk to kind of coat my throat for the acid reflux.

So, how am I doing and what are my results, you ask?  Ok, here we go!  I started at 225.2 lbs and after 7 days on Nutrisystem I’m at 218.2 lbs. Yes, you read that right. One pound per day!  I don’t expect to keep that rate of weight loss up, but it’s a really encouraging start!  I was miserable the first few days but it wasn’t because of the system, it was because I’d developed really poor eating habits. I’m now finding it much easier to stick to the program, even when I had a few days that had some challenges. If you’re struggling on your own weight loss, keep it up, as it will get easier!

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