How to Find Success With Nutrisystem According to Charlene

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Weight loss and success is different for everyone.  Food plans on the Nutrisystem program are designed to meet each individual’s way of eating, age, special needs and lifestyle.  They offer such plans as a plan for men, teens between 14 and 17 years of age, women, the diabetic diet, vegetarians and the silver plan for the more mature individuals.  Along with their continual support, guidance and tools, Nutrisystem is delivered right to your door so you can start immediately your way to new way of life through weight loss and increased energy levels.  Before deciding that Nutrisystem is for you, make sure you read reviews from others who have been on the plan. Check Epinions.com.

Weightlosstriumph.com features several Nutrisystem reviews (and even discount codes), among which the story of Charlene from Pennsylvania who decided to take the plunge and shed the pounds that “weighed” her down for too long.

Charlene’s Story

Charlene is a wife and mother of six; however, she never could enjoy interacting in fun activities with her children because of her weight and asthma.  She always had to sit on the sidelines and watch. She always felt self-conscientious of her size and depressed that she could not play with her children as they had hoped. Her only fun was a trip to Dairy Queen with the kids or other fast food.  Now the children are older but her weight is just as important because she wanted to be around to watch them grow, have children and enjoy the grandchildren.  She knew that they only way was to get healthy and live a longer life for herself and the family.  Charlene finally made the decision for change and joined the Nutrisystem program.Nutrisystem was a choice when Charlene was blogging online.  One of the blogs was Nutrisystem, encouraging people like her to give it a try; and that she did. Charlene was just 5’2” and weighing in at 205 pounds.  She tried to lose weight various times on her own, dropping about 40 pounds before hitting that ultimate plateau. She was then diagnosed with a case of hyperthyroidism, ending up with a goiter the size of a softball while being treated for the condition.  Through it all, she regained her 40 pounds. This was the end of her losing battle and Charlene, on her birthday decided to begin the Nutrisystem program.

When she began the program, as it showed up on her doorstep, Charlene showed improvements in her energy levels and asthma attacks.  She was leery of exercise for fear of losing breath.  Along with her healthy foods, she began to exercise slowly, with ten-minute workouts done three times daily.  As time went by, it became easier and she was able to increase her time without difficulty.

Nutrisystem may be a little difficult when fitting into a family way of eating but Charlene was able to integrate her foods into her cooking.  She would plan her Nutrisystem pizza around the family’s pizza, Nutrisystem hamburger when fixing theirs, spaghetti and more in the same manner.  She states that she basically ate the same foods, hers from the plan, and accompanied all meals with a salad, other vegetables and fresh fruits.  Her only complaint of the plan is to prepare a separate meal for herself besides the foods she provided the family; however, the Nutrisystem foods are still easy since they are either warmed quickly in the microwave or a pot of water.

Charlene grew to love the many food choices and varieties offered on the Nutrisystem menu plan.  It includes some of her favorite foods like pizza and ice cream.  Who would think you could lose weight eating these types of foods?  However, the premise of their foods is whole grain fiber and low-glycemic index. Sticking to the plan afforded an improvement in her health by leaps and bounds.  She lost her fear of joining in on family fun and activities.  On the start of the program, Charlene was a size 18 to 20 or 2X and slimmed down to a size 6 or small/medium in tops.  She used to hate shopping and loves it again, going from 180 pounds to 145 pounds.

Charlene has been on many weight loss plans but found the best success on Nutrisystem.  She is still hoping to lose a few more pounds on her own and maintain the loss with smarter food choices.  She watches her portions, avoids starchy carbohydrates as much as possible and consumes more fruits and vegetables.  She took away many tools learned on the Nutrisystem program for long-term health. As she says, that the program literally saved her life!

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