How Important Is Setting Weight Loss Goals? #Medifast

How Important Is Setting Weight Loss Goals?

How are you doing this week? I am on week 23 with Medifast and I lost 0.5 pounds, which puts me at 14.5 pounds lost. I am finally feeling better from my illness and I am back on my exercise program. I never thought I would miss working out, but I did! I realized that I could spend that 30 or 45 minutes each day watching TV or I could go for a walk or use my portable gym. I am certainly not losing weight with the TV option, so I am opting for the exercise route instead! So, what is it that is going to get us to drink that water, exercise, eat on our food plan and all the other things that go with dieting? Setting weight loss goals is what will help.

How Important Is Setting Weight Loss Goals?

I have been meditating at the end of the day for the past week or so. I was not one to really go for meditating, but a little birdie recommended it and I tried it. Well, what do you know?! There is something to this meditation thing! I was laying here and thinking about my life long struggle with weight loss and why I am still struggling. One of the biggest reasons, at least from what I can tell, is that I am not setting realistic goals. I would silently make a deal with myself if I could lose this amount of weight in this amount of time, I would do or get something special. Well who am I to guess how much weight I can lose in a specified time? Do I think I am all of a sudden a mind reader? There is only one person that knows the answers to those questions, and it is certainly not me!

So how do you set goals when you are losing weight then? Set measurable and reasonable goals that you can attain and start out with just 1 or 2 goals each week. These can be anything that you see you need help with. For me, drinking water is an issue because I would much rather have diet soda! So, for a reasonable, measurable and attainable goal for me would be to drink 2 bottles of water per day. If I set my bar too low, that is not going to help me and it is a bit like cheating. If I set it too high, I know I will not be able to attain it, so that makes me feel like crud. So, what goals can you set this week that will help you in your weight loss journey?

I hope these simple suggestions will help you in your weight loss journey!  If you are interested in joining Medifast, you can visit them on their website to do so.

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