How To Safely Start Exercising After An Injury With Medifast

How To Safely Start Exercising After An Injury

How are you doing this week? I am on week 20 with Medifast and I lost 1 pound, which puts me at 13 pounds lost.  I had thought I was down 16 pounds but when I had my cast on, my calculations were wrong. I am totally fine with this because it shows I am heading in the right direction! I am working really hard to stay positive and not rush things. If I am going to get this weight off once and for all, I need to take it slow and easy and do it the right way. If I hurry through it like I have done in the past, I will end up doing some sabotaging that will get me to quit and then I will be right back where I started. I do not want to be heavy the rest of mu life, so I better do it right this time!

How To Safely Start Exercising After An Injury

This week, I wanted to talk about what steps you should take if you have had an injury and want to start exercising. I tore two ligaments in my right foot and ankle on the day before Thanksgiving. I had a tear across the top of my foot that was about 4″x 1″ and one on my ankle that was about the size of a small orange. Needless to say, I was in a lot of pain and exercising was not remotely close to being on my mind. I spent the next 10 weeks in a series of walking casts. The only exercise I got was going back and forth to the bathroom because my husband worried I would fall again! Once the cast was off, I wanted to get back to exercising but I was not sure what to do. Here is what my doctor advised on how to safely start exercising after an injury:

  1. See Your Doctor: Before you do anything, you must make an appointment with your doctor so he can give you a complete exam and determine if you are able to start working out again.
  2. Stretch: Even if you did not do so before, it is a must that you stretch your muscles. For me, I had to be sure I stretched and rotated my foot before I was able to exercise.
  3. Start Slow: If you hurry along through your routine, you run a high risk of having another injury. If you injure the same area as before, you are looking at surgery and who wants that?
  4. Listen To Your Body:For a few weeks, let your body tell you when it is time to stop. For me, I could only do my walking video for 10 minutes before my foot would start to get sore. Again, do not push yourself or you will pay a high price for it.
  5. Be Patient: You will get back to the level you were at before you got hurt, just give it time. Any athlete will tell you that as much as they would like to jump back in, they follow their doctor’s advice and take their time.

I hope these simple suggestions will help you in your weight loss journey!  If you are interested in joining Medifast, you can visit them on their website to do so.

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