Nutrisystem End Of Week 2

Well, I won’t lie.  This week didn’t go well for me.  I started the week at 218 lbs.  By day 10 I was down to 215 lbs.  Then, let’s just say I had a visitor come along and by the end of week two had literally jumped up to 223 lbs.  I’ll admit, it’s completely discouraging, but I also hear that it’s normal, so I’m trying not to stress out too much.  I’m getting into more of a rhythm now and choosing my snacks and grocery store add-ons is getting much easier for me.  I will also say that cravings for bad foods are getting a lot worse.  Maybe it’s because the first week my family was more discreet about the food they were eating.  This week my mom came over and her and my son made cheeseburgers and pie for dessert and we all sat down an ate together, and it just made the temptation really bad.  Also, with Valentine’s Day last week, we have some chocolate around the house, so that’s hard to avoid too.  I’m doing it though, and I’m really proud of myself!  I think the hardest part for me (aside from wanting junk food) is getting in the four servings of extra vegetables per day.  I’m not a huge veggie person – green beans, carrots, celery and salad are about the only things I’m eating so it’s getting boring.  My goal this way is to find new and creative ways to prepare vegetables so that maybe I can start liking some new vegetables!  Well, that’s it for this week – hopefully next week will be more successful!

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