Nutrisystem End Of Week 8

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  • Starting weight: 225 lbs
  • Weight at beginning of week 8: 208 lbs
  • Weight at end of week 8: 212 lbs

Have you ever felt so sick that you know you probably need to go in and see a doctor, but at the same time you’re too sick to actually get out of bed and drive yourself there?  That was my week this week.  I developed a slight sore throat (nothing major) on Thursday of last week.  When I woke up Friday, it was bad enough that I wasn’t up to eating anything that had a potential rough or sharp edge on it.  As an adult, I think sometimes we try to talk ourselves out of being sick, or at least out of letting it rules our lives.  All day Friday, something in the back of my head nagged “call and make an appointment” but the adult in me said “man it up, it’s a sore throat, you’re fine”.  By Saturday morning I wasn’t getting out of bed, has a fever of 102 and NOTHING was going down my throat but push-up pops (aka sherbet on a stick).  Even that hurt going down but it kind of numbed my throat, so I tolerated it.  By Sunday I finally caved and went into Urgent Care to find that I didn’t need to go to Urgent Care.  It’s a strain of the flu that apparently didn’t get the notice that it’s not supposed to bother me because I got my flu shot, and according to the doctor I saw, it’s running rampant and it’s worse than any normal flu would ever be.  He reassured me that I would not even begin to feel better for 5-7 days.  And I paid him for this.  *sigh*

I tell you all of this because my weight this week is disappointing, but I’m not really being too hard on myself about it.  There was not a single Nutrisystem food that I could even think about eating.  For 6 days I’ve lived off push-up pops and this onion potato creamy soup bliss that this wonderful soup shop right across the street from my house sells.  That’s right – I didn’t even have to get out of bed for it.  I just rolled over in bed, scraped enough change out of the bottom of my purse for a cup and sent my son across the street so he could bring it to me in bed (thank you sweetie!)  Are either of those products good for me or on Nutrisystem’s approved add-on list?  Probably not, but I didn’t check.  The cold of the sherbet numbed and the hot and smoothness of the soup felt healing, so that’s what I ate.  I’m not even going to be hard on myself for it.  I guess now I know that when I place my Nutrisystem order, I should probably just have a couple of things on hand that are really smooth just in case something like this ever happens.  I’m still not eating normal food yet, so I give it another day or two, but at least I’m feeling better, I survived the dreaded flu that I thought so adamantly had to be strep throat, and I’ll just have to commit to next week being a more successful week for me.  I guess what I’m learning is that not every week can be a win, and that’s ok, as long as I don’t give up.

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