Safety While Exercising During The Summer #Medifast

Safety While Exercising During The Summer #Medifast

How are you doing this week? I am on week 29 with Medifast and I have lost a total to 17.5 pounds. I was in San Francisco, I was really worried I would fall off the wagon. I was really proud of myself because I actually came home a week later down a half a pound! The food there is incredible, and I reminded myself I could eat well, but did not need to eat everything I saw! I was really mindful of how things were prepared and asked plenty of questions if I was not sure how something was cooked. I enjoyed fresh scallops, sourdough bread, tuna tartar and even tried sushi for the first time! I am really proud of myself and cannot wait to see how I do when I am in Chicago in a few weeks. Today I wanted to talk to you about exercising during the summer and how to stay safe while doing so. Here are some great tips if you are going to be enjoying the outdoors while getting your workout in:

  1. Time Your Workout: The most dangerous time to be out in the sun are between the hours of 11 am and 3 pm. If you are planning a walk or rise your bike, be sure to do it before or after that time frame.
  2. Eat Before You Exercise: The best way to avoid getting lightheaded during your workout is to have a snack beforehand. There are several combinations you can eat that will give you energy as well as sustenance while you exercise. A few good choices are a whole grain bagel with jam or honey, a protein shake with some oats or fruit added in or maybe a container of Greek yogurt with fruit. I usually have a package of my Medifast Original Eggs and a slice of whole grain toast.
  3. Pace Yourself: The worst thing you can do is press yourself too hard and end up getting dizzy or sick. If you are going to be exercising outdoors, you need to go for a steady and moderate pace throughout instead of sudden bursts of activity.
  4. Dress Smart: The smart choice for clothing when exercising outside is fabric that breathes, preferable wicks moisture and is not too tight. I usually wear a pair of loose shorts, a workout bra and a burnout tee. Also, remember to put on sunscreen before as well as during your workout.
  5. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: You cannot go outside and exercise unless you have plenty of water or a drink with electrolytes. You need to drink throughout your routine, so be sure to have enough with you to get you through the entire workout.

I hope these tips have helped you and you will start keeping a food journal of your own. If you are interested in joining the Medifast family, you should visit their website and take a look at all the yummy foods that are available.

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