Top 6 Complaints About Weight Watchers


Weight Watchers has been a successful and healthy way of losing weight from the time of its start in Ms. Nidetech’s kitchen back in the 1960s.  From that private home of friends meeting weekly, the word accelerated until the news of the program spread nationwide.  The premise of the plan is in choosing healthy foods to form a daily balanced diet, surrounded by endless non-starchy vegetables and fresh fruits.  Although the diet itself has brought about great success of weight loss, there are occasionally some issues displeasing to people.

Complaint #1 – Online Dissatisfaction

Weight watchers offers program both online or at nearby weekly meetings.  Cynthia of California was dissatisfied with their service when she tried to cancel her online membership.  In order to do so, she was instructed to login to the site, even though she did not remember the information. All she got from the company was a runaround with phone calls and emails.  Without success, Cynthia decided to just block further charges on her credit card.  The results: they send her a message to go online, login and update her credit card since her renewal could not be processed!!

Complaint #2 – Changed Meeting Place without Warning

Janet in Texas has been attending meetings on Wednesday near her home for quite some time.  A territory manager came in and stated these meetings would be cancelled due to “better customer experience”. She felt the manager was insulting my intelligence by the reasoning to improve the company’s bottom line!! That manger felt she was doing us all a favor by giving us a coupon and a schedule!  All the members were totally frustrated and disgusted!  It is the fine leaders of the meetings that influence the members, not the company.  Janet called the corporate office and was told to leave a phone number for a return call which never came!!

Complaint #3 – Unfair Leadership Treatment

Amy in MA has been a leader of two meetings for Weight Watchers for many years in her small community. A territory manager from New York came to the meeting one day and fired her because she has a tattoo on her upper back.  She was going to invite her to participate in a Moms and Proms Fashion show until she saw her tattoo and not only withdrew her invite but also fired her, saying “we don’t show tattoos in W.W.” Amy stated that they do make peanuts as leaders but believe in the program and loved helping people reach their goals. Her substitute after being let go was a total disappointment to the members she was helping.  The members were contacting her to find out how letters could be sent in to protest because they believed in her great leadership. However, the company makes it so hard to file and resolve complaints so, think twice before becoming a leader unless you reside in a large community for more security.

Complaint #4 – Costly for Some

While Weight Watchers is one of the cheapest weight loss programs, some people feel that the cost should be lower, especially for the online program which does not involve the purchase of any tangible goods. Weight Watchers Online is a set of digital tools that help you lose weight using your computer. Weight Watchers can be less expensive if you take advantage of  promotion codes. Here are some links that offer savings for the program:



Complaint #5 – Choice of Consuming Diet Products

Shelly of Texas was leery of the program that her sister-in-law began with Weight Watchers.  To save calories and points, she began to eat many fat-free and sugar-free types of products that could be over processed and contain aspartame.  Such products and ingredients could be toxic, Shelly claimed.  Her sister-in-law was getting healthy results of a two pound weekly weight loss, but Shelly still had her reservations.

Complaint #6 – Problems With Cancelling From Meetings

Barbara of Canada had to travel for a few months and so asked to sign up for a free monthly pass or to temporarily cancel her membership until she returned.  Although it was only the 3rd of the month, she was told to cancel at the end of the month.  Whether you are there or not, you have to pay for the entire month.  She never got her money back or the free pass. It is all about the money, not helping people reach their goals, she complains.

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