Day #4 …Now the real weight loss begins & Wordless Wednesday

As suspected, I have finally evened out.  160.8.  I will use this # as my real weight loss starting number.  All that other weight must have been someone else’s I was borrowing.  This is when the diet get hard.  I hate hard.  It is like exercise!

Yesterday, I ate my lime sherbet with strawberries, 1/2 Shakeology serving, chicken and veggies, and WAY to may tortilla chips and pretzels while I was walking around chasing kids.  Note to self **even though you think you can buy the yummy tortilla chips and not eat them, you can’t! Sensa on most of my food–not the chis and pretzels…whoops!

Today, I have had my postnatal pill, Sensa on strawberries, Sensa on eggs, coffee.

This is my wordless Wednesday post…Except it is not so wordless.  I wish my husband was here to cook my chicken like this.  I am not incapable, just to lazy to clean the grill when I am done.  🙂 Anyone want to invite me and the kids over for grilling fun?

Grilled Chicken


  1. newest follower here! that chicken looks SO yummy 🙂

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  2. Good job. Keep it up. I am trying to lose weight too. I have about 25 lbs. It is hard. I just need to exercise more. Get out and MOVE 😉

    I am visiting today from the Slump Day blog hop and wanted to say hello!

    Stop by and visit me anytime. I love visitors and comments.

    Long Wait For Isabella

  3. Love the chicken – thank you for the delicious Wordless Wednesday! I’m following from the Welcome Wednesday. Come visit me back!

    Michelle @ Things Sent My Way

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