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All of my children are completely potty trained except for one child who cannot seem to stay dry at night no matter what we do.  She was staying dry at one point and then stopped staying dry.  I believe she started sleeping more soundly and so it stopped waking her at night.  Since she is 4 we did find it necessary to move her in to the PULL-UPS® Night*Time since the regular ones did not seem to be holding enough to last the whole night.

She still really loves seeing what character is going to be on the front of her PULL-UPS® and gets a huge thrill that they glow in the dark.  She enjoys sticking them under a bright light, for at least 30 seconds, and then turning off all the lights to watch them glow.  In fact, the whole family has to gather in the room with the lights off to watch the "glow".

The PULL-UPS® Night*Time comes in two sizes, 2T-3T for 18-34 lbs and 3T-4T for 32-40 lbs.  Little girls will enjoy seeing the favorite Disney Princess Cinderella on their PULL-UPS®, while boys will get to check out Lightning McQueen and Mater from Cars on their PULL-UPS®.  The character PULL-UPS®  really do make them feel like they are wearing big girl and big boy underwear.

Every night we cut out liquids at least two hours prior to bedtime, and then right before bed all the kids use the potty one last time before it is lights out.  If she is anything like our oldest, it is just a matter of time before she is enjoying a dry night.   You can visit the PULL-UPS® Night*Time page on Walmart.com to discover how PULL-UPS® Night*Time Glow in the Dark Training Pants can help with your nighttime potty training routine!

Also, while you are on the Walmart website create your own Glow Show Story and enter to win a Walmart Gift Card.  It is so much fun creating the story with drag and drop characters, places, things and colors.  Once you are done you can Pin It to Pinterest and then enter the contest.  This is a super fun way to enter for a chance at winning a $100 Walmart Gift Card!  What is even more fun is you can come back and enter as often as you like, creating a new story each time if you would like!   You will also want to come back to that page often since that is where they will be posting the names of the winners.

On your next order of PULL-UPS® Night*Time, use the coupon below to save $1 or you can double that to a $2 coupon by sharing the offer.  Do not forget to create your Glow Show Story for a chance to win the $100 Walmart Gift Card.  Good luck!

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