Xtrema Cookware Review and Sweepstakes

Xtrema Cookware

These days cooking seems like a nonexistent task. I am always trying to find the easiest meal to cook. Making sure it’s healthy and quick can sometimes be a task in itself. Sometimes you never think of the cookware and how the tools of cooking can help you in the kitchen. Xtrema Healthy Cookware is a great benefit to any kitchen and it helps cook quick and healthy meals too!

I was very excited to receive the Xtrema Cookware three piece starter set and eagerly awaited the UPS man’s ring of the doorbell. I read and reread the directions to make sure I did everything right. These are three of their most popular pieces. It’s nice because the lid fits both the sauce pot and skillet. Xtrema is made of ceramic for even distribution of heat. The cookware is also scratch resistant so you can use all types of utensils and I really enjoy the ‘green’ aspect so no chemicals leak into our food.
I was going to make egg salad anyways so I decided to try out the saucepan. I put the eggs in the pan, covered them with water and brought the water to a boil. Then I turned off the heat and covered the saucepan and set the timer for 10 minutes. (Actually it was more like 15 minutes since I was on the phone and completely didn’t hear the buzzer.) I then put the eggs in a strainer and ran some cold water over them to cool them down enough to touch. I peeled the eggs and then I started to slice. Uh wow! I seriously made the perfect looking hardboiled egg which NEVER happens. They always end up undercooked, overcooked, or just plain hideous. I’m not kidding when I say I ate three eggs before they even made it into the egg salad since they looked SO good.

Not to be outdone my husband made scrambled eggs (this was the next morning for breakfast). He always likes to make eggs or omelets and they turned out really nice and soft. Sometimes they can be too rubbery and they look old, like they have been sitting in the pan a long time! We actually went through two dozen eggs in two days which is a record for us!

One lucky Sason and Pobi reader will win their very own 3 piece starter set from Xtrema!

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  1. Penny B W says:

    I like the 4 QT. Covered Ceramic Soup Pot!

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