You Can Teach Financial Responsibility With Doughmain

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In this day and age, teaching your children financial responsibility is a must. Many of us Americans have lost our jobs or are reduced to lower pay then what we originally had budgeted for. I want my children armed to be able to handle situations and to be financially responsible. There are 3 age games available for teaching children financial responsibility. You can play the financial responsibility game at TheFunVault.com (ages 5 and up), SandDollarCity.com (ages 8 to 10) and IRuleMoney.com (13-17).

Family tools such as allowance tool which allows you to keep track of the family’s allowance; the chore tracker which is as viewed as above; and the online family calendar are great resources to teach financial responsibility. Want to try? Signup at doughmain.com using “dough” as the reference code for a chance to win a $500 Visa gift card. The winner will be displayed on the WordPress site. Once you sign up, it takes less than 5 minutes to add your family members and assign chores and dough points (online currency from Doughmain. All of the family organizer tools are really simple and easy to use, even my teen could handle following the charts and tools and we all know they have a short attention span. Organize your family and their finances now. Start them off with a good foundation.


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