Zact Mobile Phones Are A Perfect First Phone For Teens #MC

Zact Mobile Phones Are A Perfect First Phone For Teens

I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting #MC on behalf of Zact. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating. I have a daughter who has just turned 15 and is a freshman in high school. We have been putting off getting her a mobile phone for a long time, but I think we re going to need to relent. She has so many after school activities, all which end a different times throughout the week. We have had a few times her club or meeting let out early and the office was closed and she was unable to call us. Upon doing a lot of research, the phone service that makes the most sense for our family is Zact Mobile. I was worried about her usage and saftey with a cell phone and with Zact Mobile, I can set parental controls. I can limit her text and data usage as well as set curfews for things like doing home work, coming to dinner or going to bed. With their no contract nationwide mobile service and an average monthly bill of only $22 per month, Zact Mobile is the smartest choice for Caitlin’s first phone. If you have a kid who wants a mobile phone and you would like a plan with the seal of approval from The National Parenting Center, Zact Mobile is perfect for you! Please enjoy this informative video which gives you a great sense of how this plan can set your mind at ease!

Parental Controls with Zact from Zact Mobile on Vimeo.


  1. SOLD!! How do I get one in Canada? Is it available now? Here? I need it now. My DD is almost 13 and I have given her my old iPhone 3 but it is not hooked up to service. She uses it as an iPod but I really want to be able for give her access for her to call me when I give her small amounts of freedom. Help me. I need to know.

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