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My son bugs me all the time to go outside and play in water or in the giant rock pile we have so he can build castles or houses. He asks rain or shine, hot or cold, it is pretty amusing. We live on a lake and when it is dry we often have a ‘beach’ by the dock. So far we are lucky enough to have a beach behind the house and so my son will also take his sand pails and shovels to build a sandcastle. However, I don’t know how many times he’s thrown stuff into the lake that I have had to fish out. He’s getting better but occasionally I hear a “plop” that did not sound like a rock.

Enter Zöe b and their fantastic anti-plastic products. These are eco-friendly, biodegradable and BPA free toys and dishes that are made in the USA. As Zoe B would say, ‘yes it would be cheaper to make them in China!’ I love, love, love these products. Something about the way they feel makes me want to play with or eat on them.

So what are bio degradable toys made of you ask? Corn. American grown in fact. It’s actually a bio based material that comes from corn but it’s neat to say my plates are made of corn, which is a renewable resource. Fossil fuels are not renewable which is what ordinary plastic is made from. I had no idea ordinary plastic takes 300- 500 years to biodegrade vs. bio plastic which only take a few years.

We received their anti-plastic beach toys and dishes to try and could not be happier. I don’t have to worry about ruining the environment if my son decides to throw his pail into the lake and I can’t fish it out! He and my daughter both enjoy digging for worms and the little shovel is easy for my daughter to hold. The dishes are very sturdy and have a neat shape. I love the dishes and will be buying it in pink for my daughter as soon as they have the set and not just the plates. They really do make a great birthday and holiday gift.

Valerie, a “green” mom who thinks we need to take better care of our planet took part in an expedition from the Marshall Islands to Tokyo to study plastic pollution in the Western Pacific Garbage patch! Wow. I am really impressed with Zoe B. and their mission to make our environment better. I have already started to try and get my house as “green” as possible.

One lucky reader will be winning a set of the fantastic anti-plastic beach toys valued at $19.99!

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