Looking For A Fun Work Out? Exercise Can Be Fun

Looking For A Fun Work Out? Exercise Can Be Fun

Are you someone who exercises? If so, do you do so because you enjoy it or because you “have to” do it? If you fall into the first category, I will admit, I envy you! My sister is one of you and she absolutely enjoys working out and how it makes her feel and look. I am one of those who would love to skip the first part and get to the 2nd and 3rd parts right away! Sadly, if you want to be fit and slim then exercise must be part of your life. There are so man options for working out that the possibilities are endless. I have a ton of DVD’s that I have used a few times and put away. I have a few exercise devices that I think were made more for torture and they are under the bed. I want something that will be much less like exercising and more like fun.   I was recently sent the HOOPERSIZE by KidTribe which is made for kids ages 6 to adult and it has changed how I look at exercise. Because Caitlin has begun to put on her “freshman 15”, she was very interested in helping me with this particular post.
Exercise Can Be Fun

Exercise Can Be Fun

In 2002, KidTribe was started to educate and spread the word about the importance of obesity prevention. They wanted to get kids to be healthier and happier by using music and movement. Over the past almost 11 years, KidTribe has successfully motivated 2.5 million kids and teachers to get moving at home and at schools, all over the  world. They were part of the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” initiate by performing at the White House  at the annual Easter Egg Roll.  KidTribe is an innovative company that is always looking for was to develop new and fun products to get kids and the adults in their lives moving. By using DVD’s, videos and music as well as live events and programs, speeches, teacher training and innovative curriculum, they are doing this quite well.

I received the HOOPERSIZE, which is a full size Pro-Hoop . It is designed to be thicker, heavier and sturdier so you can hoop longer and get a good workout. It is very easy to put together and it comes with 2 DVD’s, which won the Parents’ Choice Foundation award. The DVD’s demonstrate tricks and routines, gives nutritional information and tips and incudes 12 fun games you can play. Also included is the HOOPERSIZE CD  with it’s upbeat songs that make using your HOOPERSIZE hoop seem like playing and not exercising. This is a workout that proves exercise can be fun, as you can see from Caitlin cracking up in her pictures. It is also an exercise program to be rivaled with any you have probably ever tried before. You can feel it in your hips, waist, legs, arms and butt. You can purchase the HOOPERSIZE kit from the KidTribe website for $39.95 and additional hoops can be purchased for $24.95.

One USA reader will win one HOOPERSIZE kit ($39.95)


  1. Paol Trenny says:

    I am interested in the Move It! program

  2. I like the bullies bug program and yo yo .

  3. The Yo’Yo’ Yoga program looks great. I think many kids think yoga is boring but it can be fun! I love this Hoopercise product too.

  4. This Hoopercise product is my favorite, I have seen it before.

  5. I am so excited to win this!! Thank you! All the reviews I’ve read say people just love it. Age 6 to adult is a wide range to appeal to and it will really get used a lot. Probably have to buy a second one though. So grateful to you and hope they do expand with the program. It looks like a winner. ~Deb

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