Four Tips For Teaching Kids About Friendship #StreamTeam

Something happened in our house recently that not only cut me to the core, but opened my eyes as well. My son has autism and he is home schooled. Henry plays on the Xbox a lot and he has a list of “friends” he virtually plays with. One of his friends that Henry plays with […]

Five Ways To Teach Kindness To Kids #StreamTeam

As parents, we are expected to raise our children to become the best human beings they can possibly be. This comes in many shapes and sizes in every family. What one family may hold as a standard may not be as important to another. One of the things virtually every parent wants to teach their […]

Movies Or Musicals? Get Both With Netflix In May#StreamTeam

Are you a fan of movies or musicals? I am actually on the fence for this one because I love both just about equally. I was in the drama club in high school and some of my best memories are of those times. I remember when we did the musical “Damn Yankees” and I had […]

3 Ways To Build Problem Solving Skills In Kids #NetflixKids

I am a huge nerd and science was one of my favorite subjects in school. You wold not find me sick on the day we were to dissect the frogs in biology! It was no surprise to my family when I went into the nursing field and got my degree in the same. My kids […]

Three Boredom Busters When Kids Get Sick #NetflixKids

If you have kids and they are in school, they are probably going to get sick at least once this year. We are smack dab in the middle of cold and flue season, so this is a prime time for illness. Even if we get kids to wash their hands and try to be careful […]

Stop Bullying And Speak Up #StreamTeam

Bullying is an issue that is something we cannot turn our backs on. Sadly, unless you have been touched personally with bullying, it can be easy to not think about. To be honest, until we experienced it in our own family, it was not something we had on the forefront of our minds. If we […]

Action Packed DVD Awesome Adventures Races Chases and Fun DVD Review

Action Packed DVD If you are looking for an action packed DVD, look no further than Awesome Adventures: Races, Chases & Fun.  This DVD features 6 adventures from your kids favorites: Thomas and Friends, Fireman Sam and Bob The Builder.  My daughters loved this DVD from the second I opened it.  They have always been […]

Ballet DVD For Girls Angelina Ballerina Musical Moves DVD Sweepstakes

Ballet DVD For Girls Having two little girls at home, I am always looking for something fun and entertaining for them.  I was so excited to receive a ballet DVD for girls, Angelina Ballerina Musical Moves.  Angelina Ballerina has brought hours of enjoyment to my house.  Both of my girls love to dress up and […]

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