Four Ways How To Raise Kids To Think For Themselves

I am one of six kids and believe me when I tell you, it was hard to stand out in that crowd. I had 4 siblings who were at least 10 years older then my sister and I. A lot of m milestones got a little looked over when I had my brothers graduated high […]

Ever After High: Spring Unsprung Is Now On Netflix #StreamTeam

When I was growing up, my mom read to us every night. We were drawn into such fairy tales as Cinderella, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland and so may more. I turn, when I became a mom, I read to my kids those same fanciful tales I grew up loving. Did you ever wonder what […]

Netflix Helps Celebrate Our Four Legged Friends #StreamTeam

I have been in love with our four legged friends for most of my life. My mother bred and raised Irish Setter dogs and she showed them as well. We had a prize winner in our own home by the name of Tuxedo Rob Roy, but we called him Tuffy for short. Tuffy was a […]

Ring In The New Year With King Julien And Netflix #StreamTeam

I have never been one to go out and celebrate New Year’s Eve. For some reason, most of the years I was invited to parties, I was not dating anyone but all my friends were. Being a third wheel is a nuisance, but make it happen on New Year’s Eve and it is downright painful! […]

Four Tips For Teaching Kids About Friendship #StreamTeam

Something happened in our house recently that not only cut me to the core, but opened my eyes as well. My son has autism and he is home schooled. Henry plays on the Xbox a lot and he has a list of “friends” he virtually plays with. One of his friends that Henry plays with […]

Celebrate Your Kids Milestones With NetFlix #StreamTeam

When we become parents, we celebrate the birth with much joy and expectations of the future. These tiny humans are placed in our care to raise but they do not come with an instruction manual! We really just figure things out as they come or seek advice from our pediatrician, family or friends. There are […]

Four Fun Family Activities #StreamTeam

This summer certainly flew by for my family and I. We had such a great time hanging out with each other at home as well as some of our favorite vacation spots. We were able to go to a cool resort with an indoor water park, visit my daughter in Atlanta and visit a few […]

Five Tips To Keep Your Brain Active #StreamTeam

We are at about the halfway mark of summer vacation from school. I have one kid who plays video games every chance he can and another who cannot seem to put her iPad down. Part of the problem we have had with keeping the kids busy is how hot is has been. We have had terribly sticky, […]

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