Trucking Photography From Across The Country

“East bound and down….” For a year I was an OTR truck driver. Here are a few photos I took as I traveled across the country. Me in my first rig. About 2 months later I got a new 2011 International ProStar I parked it at home and got into trouble with the Home Owners’ […]

OTR Trucking School Adventure Part 3

“If your wheels aren’t turnin’, you’re not earnin’” To read this post from the beginning go to OTR Trucking School Adventure Once we got the shifting to a manageable grind, and had a better idea of the location of the gears it made controlling the rig a whole lot easier. That was right about the time the instructors […]

OTR Trucking School Adventure Part 2

“If your wheels aren’t turnin’, you’re not earnin’.”  If you missed part 1 you can find it here: OTR Trucking School Adventure My instructor was the oldest trucker in the lower 48 states. No joke, 73 years old. He had that “old timer” wit about him, and a story for every situation. He made us laugh, […]

OTR Trucking School Adventure

“If your wheels aren’t turnin’, you’re not earnin’.”  I was a surveyor for the better part of 18 years. After the economy took a header I found myself unemployed. I set about submitting my resume to every firm in a 100 mile radius. They all basically had the same response, “Your resume looks great! Unfortunately, we […]

Trucking Jobs?

From Jenn— So my husband is a trucker.  He has been since January of this year. He got a job with a starter long-haul company, and he is quite upset with the way that things are going at his current company. They have him sit for days without a load. Which means he is away […]

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