4 Things I Learned About Wine Tasting #BlissFR #seeustrip

Wine Tasting

Let me start by saying I am a beer drinker. Before France I would have told anyone who asked, I do not like wine at all period. Little did I know, my small world was to be opened up by Bliss Travels! I was given a tour of a wine cellar built in to a cave underneath a chateau in a small Provencal village. While there I had my first wine tasting experience with local wine and food pairings. I learned a couple things about how to conduct myself in a wine tasting and even more so, I actually liked wine.

4 things i learned about wine tasting

The 4 things I learned about wine tasting!

  1. sniffing winePut your nose in the glass: I don’t know about you but when I try something new, drink or food I smell it first to try and get the idea of what I am about to try, good or bad. With wine tasting the same rule applies. The difference however is when sniffing your wine you don’t want to take the careful “this could be a bad idea” sniff. You want to stick your nose as far into the glass as possible to try a workout all of the intricate smells I never seemed to have the right answers for. spinning wine
  2. Sniff, then spin: After you are done trying to decipher the smells and attempt to be sophisticated about your answers, you give your wine the spin cycle in the glass. The object here is to allow the wine to open up and oxidize. This gives it an entirely new smell. So, repeat the process of nose in the glass and some of the faint fragrances you felt like you were making up before are now readily available.sipping wine
  3. Try it even if it smells like you won’t like it: I am not going to lie, some of the scents brought back the feeling of hell no, I don’t like wine! I was glad I toughed it out and tried it anyways. The moral of the story is keep an open mind and try it even if at first you don’t think you’ll like it. Even if it turns out the specific wine isn’t for you there is always the spit cup! Food
  4. Ask what to eat before you finish your glass: several foods were available to taste with the wines some of which completely changed the taste from something marginally good to my favorite of the group. My only problem was while sniffing, swirling, and tasting during the presentation of the story behind the bottle and chateau where it originated was before the food was presented for pairing I had finished my wine. So my advice is pay attention and save some!

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