My Hiking Adventure #BlissFR #seeustrip

journey-to-the-top-of-franceHave you ever stood on top of the highest point and looked down on the world around you? I did just that when I was in France this summer. I went hiking while on an exclusive tour put together by Bliss Travels; our destination — an ancient Roman lookout fort. We started what I thought was going to be a short walk up what began a paved road to the fort. After walking a good mile we arrived to a park where the Fort was located. Looking around you could see the massive rock faces where climbers would test their metal. At this point the path went off road. While continuing up the path I looked forward to see a mountain in front of us that even from far back was enormous.Rock overhangWalking up the path I realized the path we were taking lead us right under an overhang where you can see how the erosion had over the years almost hollowed out the side of the mountain.Rock face Looking up you could see hooks where climbers could attempt to scale the side hanging almost upside-down. Leaving the overhang we continued following the path where it ended with steps cut in to the side of the mountain. Now the real hike begins! We continued up the rocky stairs looking off to the left as we rose realizing I now stood across the valley but above the overhang the path lead under earlier.Above rock overhang At the top of the never ending staircase we rounded the bend to see the actual fort ruins for the first time. Churches, Baths, Aqueducts, and guard towers were spread about giving you a view of what life there may have been. Walking to the edge of the cliff I thought it looked almost like a green Grand Canyon.Grand Canyon like Vast expanse of mountains and valleys and I was on top of it all so I thought. Some of the other members of our group were heading up a path I had not noticed before which lead to even more structures higher up so I followed.Ruins A couple of the adventurous group members continued the climb. The further we went the more development there seemed to be. The ground had been cut flat to make wide steps and even footing. The buildings still stood high above me sitting there for thousands of years. We arrived to the biggest structure yet which was a wall where I thought it was the end of our journey.Wall I walked along it to an edge where I expected I was getting my highest view I would be getting of the surrounding area.Final view so I thought I turned around to head back and behold a staircase leading through the wall!Stairs I continued through the wall and from here it was just me and Caroline from Ginger and Nutmeg continuing our trek to the top. Group from a distance

Moving a little further up from the wall I turned back to see some of the other group members way down the mountain so I snapped a couple pictures from the long distance and continues on up. Group zoomed in We passed guard shacks and through what looked to be the ruins of a final lookout point. Final tower Finally at last cliff, sweaty and exhausted, Caroline and I posed for our victory pictures before heading back to the rest of the group sweaty and exhausted.Victory

Now you can experience an adventurous hike like this with your exclusive tour guide. Bliss Travels provide clients with insider access and off the beaten track experiences. Bliss Travels always highlight on the great foods and wines of the region, including Chateauneuf du Pape. In addition, they will customize the trips to focus on the things that most interest their guests. Sometimes the focus will be on photography, sometimes on art. Other times we focus on history or ruins. What will the focus of your trip be? You can contact Wendy here and follow our journey at #seeustrip #BlissFR on Facebook Twitter.

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