Lakes Park Fort Myers

Off to another park with the tribe!!

After getting the bean salad and homemade muffins packed away, along with some “CapriSun Roarin’ Waters” for the kids, we set off on our journey. Thankfully my wife is a master at packing a picnic. If it were left up to me, I would have pizza delivered to the park. We got to the park around 10:00am on a beautiful Florida morning. The first activity the boys wanted to do was playing in the water park.  Lakes Park has 2 water parks for toddlers.  The kids have a blast splashing and playing in the fountains. The water parks are small. No slides or crazy wave machines, just some water jets and fancy sprinklers. There are plenty of areas to watch the kids from and still stay dry if you want. I recommend hitting the water park first so everyone can dry off by the time you are ready to leave.

Lakes Park Fort Myers

Water Park

Lakes Park has so much to offer. After the water park we walked to the massive jungle gym at the the other end of the park. Every kid in the park eventually gravitates here.  It’s designed like a big train and has lots of educational elements to it.  Like a couple of braille learning stations and music stations. We found ourselves there for a good hour. Then it was lunch time.  The park has many covered picnic tables to choose from. So, we set up mommy’s bean salad and muffins and dug in. It was a delicious lunch. The squirrels and crows thought so too.

Lakes Park Jungle Gym

Lakes Park Train Station

To end the day at the park we went on a train ride. For $4.00 per adult and free for kids 5and under, you can ride the Lakes Park Railway.  It’s a mile and a half ride on a tiny slow moving train.  No need for seat belts or doors. The trip takes about 20 minutes.  Along the route you will see miniature towns and buildings representing the Florida lifestyle in the early 1900’s. The trains final destination is at an ice cream shop. We sat on a nearby bench and had Superman ice cream.

Lakes Park Train

Lakes Park in Fort Myers Florida is the perfect getaway for the entire family. We always have a great time when we go.


  1. Looks like a great time! Thanks for sharing!

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