Manatee Park Southwest Florida is a Great Kids Park

One of my favorite activities to do with my boys is heading out to the park.  Lucky for us we live in sunny South West Florida.

Manatee Park Florida Picture
Manatee Park is a small, quaint park nestled away in Fort Myers Florida.  It has beautiful paths and waterways and represents Florida’s natural environment perfectly.  You’ll find the occasional Florida Manatee wading in the shallows, or snacking on Water Hyacinth.  We go here often and most of the time we see Florida Manatees.  There has been the occasion when we didn’t see any, but that has been few and far between.  The park is great.  You only need an hour to casually walk through and see all the park has to offer.  It’s great for those days when you want to get out of the house, but can’t stay out for too long.
Florida Park Picture

Manatee Park Southwest Florida

My kids love Manatee Park.  There is such an opportunity to discover new things while walking along the park’s nature trails.  They are fascinated with the Florida Lizards that occupy every walkway, tree and shrub.   For some reason the Lizards at the park are more exciting then the ones on our porch.  Inevitably we end up at the Butterfly sanctuary and the boys finally get their Butterfly fix.  Mason (2) loves Butterflies.  He even gets all worked up over the painted ones left on the side walk by a local volunteer artist.  The park also offers free programs for the kids.  They have an all ages presentation called “All about Manatees” that is 30 minutes long.  The kids really get into learning about the gentle giant.  
Florida Travel Kids Park
Travel Florida Wildlife Lizard
Manatee Park has an affiliation with Calusa Blueway Outfitters. Calusa Outfitters provide canoes and kayaks for rent. You can head out for an hour or for three hours.  They also have Kayak clinics and Guided tours.  The park also has pavilions that you can reserve for a family get together or reunion.  We were thinking of having our sons birthday party at the park.  Grills are included and kept clean.
Florida Butterfly Park

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