The Kia Optima Hybrid

The Kia Optima Hybrid
While in Las Vegas attending a conference, my friend and I had the pleasure of driving the Optima Hybrid from Kia. I am not one who gets caught up in the newest, latest or best equipped cars, but with the Optima Hybrid, I had to make an exception! When we landed in Las Vegas, we were greeted by a representative from Kia at the airport who had a gorgeous Optima Hybrid parked at the curb. Let me tell you there were several people in the area waiting for their rentals or taxis and virtually all of them were looking at this fantastic car!
Optima Rear
The trunk is exceptionally roomy and it easily fit the several pieces of luggage we both had. When we got in the car, we were trying to start it and we just couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t turning over. Well, it turns out that the car was already running but it is so quiet that you can’t tell it’s already running! The push button start and the Smart Key Remote make locking and unlocking the car a breeze. Riding in the Optima Hybrid is a little slice of heaven with the plush seats, generous leg room, and the incredibly quiet ride. I was surprised at how well the Optima kept all the outside noises where they belong; outside!!
Optima Interior
On the first full day of driving, I rode in the back and I could not believe how enormous the back actually is!! I had plenty of leg room, which I needed as I am sporting a cast on my leg, plenty of head room and the cushiest seat ever!! The two silly women in the front decided to warm one another’s behinds with the optional seat warmers, which warm up quiet quickly. You also have the option add driver’s seat memory, automatic passenger seat adjustment, and a heated back seat. The GPS is easy to use and we had no trouble navigating our way around town. We drove on the expressway a good portion of the ride to the convention center and the Optima handled it like a charm. The Optima takes curves easily and there is no jostling of the people in the back because the car handles so effortlessly.
Optima Full Dash
The dash of the Optima is very impressive as it is filled with so many convenient features, most of which are included. You have Bluetooth capability (as long as you have a blue tooth enabled phone), as well as one of the most extraordinary sound systems I have ever heard in a vehicle. The Optima Hybrid comes standard with 6 speakers and dash mounted tweeters and your choice of AM, FM or Sirus radio, or you can play your mP3 player as well. When you insert your mP3 player or Smartphone, the display will show your playlist, which I thought was really cool!! You have the convenience of controlling the sound system from the dash as well as the steering wheel, making it safe to change the stations while driving. Speaking of safety, the Optima comes with dual front airbags, front seat mounted air bags and side curtain airbags, so your precious cargo is literally wrapped in protection. I especially love the optional rear camera display that is perfect for someone like me who struggles with backing up in a car.
The exterior of the Kia Optima Hybrid is simply magnificent. The sleek design and sculpted features give a feel of a sporty performance car. I love the unique grill design that gives the Optima a luxury car look without the luxury car price tag! For night driving you can add the optional HID headlights with auto leveling which keep your lights aimed in the proper direction at all times. These lights also offer the best light for night driving so you can always clearly see what is in front of you. Optima Hybrid comes The Optima comes standard with alloy wheels, chrome accents on the door handles, and clear lens projection headlights that guarantee a safe and unobstructed view when it’s dark. The Optima also comes standard with front fog lights, power folding side mirrors that have LED turn signaling.
Rear Camera
All I can say about the Kia Optima Hybrid is that I cannot wait to buy one for my family!! To get dealer quotes, check out the Kia Optima Hybrid website.


  1. This is gorgeous. I used to own a Kia Optima (an ’05) and, WOW, have these cars come a long way. I loved my ’05, don’t get me wrong…but now, I think I’d be obsessed with this car!

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